Just A-man, like the end of a prayer.

  • 04:18:17 am on April 9, 2009 | 5

    First offfff….I’m excited about this! It’s been a good year for art!

    “ART WINS!!!” – Kanye West/Ryan Leslie.

    I was gonna post links, but just google the artists people!

    10. Asher Roth | The white ivy league rapper who keeps it real about college thuggery. Nuff said. Not an Eminem carbon-copy though white guys with blonde hair both rap in high tones. “I Love College”. Whatever…


    9. Wale – Northeast based rapper Wale is one of the hottest MC’s in the game. He’s number nine cause though he’s hot, his hype is low right now. Give him some time and he’ll blow. Search for “Nike Boots” and “Penthouse Anthem“. “None like us, so none like us” – Wale (think about it…)

    8. TIE | Electrik Red vs. Sophia Fresh

    Electrik Red | This is the Dream’s new girl group – love them. The lead singer reminds me of a young, pop-style Kelis. Same look and vocals. But modern. So sexy. Love her. Wow. “So Good”“Drank in My Cup”.

    Sophia Fresh | This is T-Pain’s up and coming girl group – also, love them. You may remember them from the Chopped and Screwed video. “What it is” feat. Kanye West.


    7. Rob Roy | This dude got nerd-swag-cool-thuggeryness for days. His comedic videos with ill-false-swagger is sick. Plus his kicks and girls are fly. “Fur in my cap” video is hilarious.

    6. Keri Hilson | Won’t speak on her. Everyone in the world co-signed her. Do the research, she’s been songwriting for years. She’s the female Ne-Yo of songstress-turned-s’anger. Do ya thang Miss Keri Bay Bee. “Knock You Down” and “Make Love”.


    Honorable Mentions:

    B.o.B. | He hasn’t been released yet. So think of him as my top five of 2010.

    Blu | Underground soul rap. Funny. Realistic. If you like to relax while listening to rap, Blu is your duder.

    GLC | Ya’ll probably know him from old Kanye tracks ala College Dropout. But GLC is making moves to finally drop his anticipated solo album. Southern swag mixed with Chi-Town Soul (Kanye beats).

    Lil’ Wayne the Rock Star | Hate it or Hate it – publicly. You won’t respect it. But you will throw on your stunna’ shades and grab your knotts like Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy! Wahoah!).

    Now for my Top 5:

    5. Lady Gaga | I’m not big on the Queen of Techni-pop. But her non-stop take over of American and European pop charts and disco clubs is worthy of a top five spot. Check out Kanye, Kid Cudi, and Common’s remix of “Poker Face” entitled “I Poke Her Face” using an acoustic Lady Gaga sample.

    4. Ryan Leslie | Mr. Internet himself. Has changed the internet world for all musicians. Had the best R&B album in the past year hands down. If you haven’t heard “Gibberish”, you haven’t heard soul.

    3. Drake | His hype is beyond compare. Dude has dropped a mixtape, that has been better than 95% of artist’s distributed albums. He’s good at picking out beats, swooning vocals, and speaking women-money-swagger-ambition-thirsty lyrics. Sick. Whole mixtape…

    2. TIE | Kid Cudi…and…drum roll…The 808’s and Heartbreaks version of Kanye West. Self Explanatory. AMAZING! “I Poke Her Face” feat. Yeezy and Common is sooo hot.


    …And the Winner is

    1. The Dream |  Although not new to me, he is new to alot of people unfortunately. Though his 2nd album Love vs. Money was just released, many people still haven’t taken the time to get to know him. One of my closest music critic friends said his “Shawty is a Ten” song reminded him of a cheap, teenage T-Pain copy. Now, The Dream is one of his favorite artists. See “Right Side of Your Brain” and “Fancy”.



    But please add to the list cause I know yours will be different than mine!!!

    Please Comment!



  • erika.. 4:24 am on April 9, 2009 | # | Reply

    much love for gaga. keri. drake.

    love love LOVE them.

  • josephjames 4:42 am on April 9, 2009 | # | Reply

    fly union ~!

  • wrob4343 5:29 pm on April 9, 2009 | # | Reply

    you definitely need to do a list of talented artists…

  • panall2 6:15 pm on April 9, 2009 | # | Reply

    I said list yours…don’t hate unless you can add or substitue your own!

  • ynggftdandblk 7:27 pm on April 9, 2009 | # | Reply

    um. qualms with lady gaga, sophia fresh,and elektric red. otherwise… decent list, the rankings are always difficult to do, take the numbers away and you have a really good collective! looks as if i gotta get mine together

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